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About Aubrey


It is my mission to help as many women as I can wake up and BREAK FREE.


I desire that women everywhere live lives that they love, aligning their daily actions with their own personal truth and what is in their heart.


As each of us wakes up, we become a powerful force for healing in this world.

How did I get here?


I spent a lot of my time doing what other people wanted me to do and trying to meet their expectations so I could please them.

I was so afraid of disappointing, of being visible, of failure. 

I felt a constant inner pull. A tug at my heart telling me there was MORE. Something inside of me knew that I didn't have to suffer. I could be who I wanted to be. 

I was reading a book one day by one of my favorite authors and coaches, Tama Kieves. Something she said cut to my core.

"If you're this successful doing what you don't want to do, imagine how successful you could be doing something you love."

I had desired to be a mentor and coach for over a decade. I would get a feeling of deep peace mixed with excitement and enthusiasm whenever I read about it or contemplated starting my own business. This profession was meant for me. I wanted to help other people realize their ideal life and move forward toward their dreams.

I wanted to help them move past their fears and limitations and EXPAND, becoming all that they were meant to be in this world. 


And then I would get scared-

“I’m too young”, “I don’t have enough experience”, “I have to be responsible and have a job that pays my bills”. 


All of these voices and excuses would play through my head and when I got a couple of clients and started to see my dream start to manifest, I would panic and retreat into the safety of a “real job”.

While I have enjoyed aspects of many of these employment experiences and I would consider them part of my life purpose, they didn’t always allow me to deliver what I have inside of me to the world in a way that only I could do it- there was no passion.


Just because I was good at it doesn’t mean that it was for me. I would end up feeling like I had no time for what I love- confined, imprisoned, restless, bored- and yearning to do what I felt so much passion for- being a teacher, writer, healer, life coach.

I wanted FREEDOM.

What I’ve ultimately learned from all of this is that I have an internal GPS system, my heart.

When I tune in and take the time to listen, it tells me when I’m on track and when I’ve made a wrong turn in my life.


I’ve learned to trust myself and what my heart is telling me by how I feel- when I feel open, expansive, enthusiastic, am focusing on possibilities and am choosing love in my life, I am on purpose. If I feel fearful, constricted, confined, angry- it’s a message and I need to course correct.

I’ve also learned about clarity, trusting the process, authenticity, integrity, and hope- and what life feels like when these things aren’t present.

And I’ve learned that writing and coaching are now a vehicle through which I can teach others about this process- to assist them in learning about their own true selves and finding their authentic way to show up in this world and shine.

As we come home to ourselves and begin living in alignment with who we are, we are a gift to the world.

If you’re interested in discussing how coaching can help you follow your heart to your own freedom, live your authentic purpose, and make your dreams a reality, please contact me using the form below.

I look forward to chatting with you!

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