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what clients are saying

"I feel like I was destined to meet Aubrey. I had been struggling to find peace within myself for awhile. Then I stumbled on Aubrey’s group coaching practice. Aubrey was
and is a comforting soul. I’ve only been around a few other people in life that had
such a calming effect on me. I felt safe and not judged. Working with Aubrey has
started a very real beginning to a beautiful new relationship with myself."


Michelle S. Grand Rapids, MI






"I am absolutely happy and thrilled to have taken Aubrey’s class. It was a liberating experience; she truly has a Divine gift for what she does. So many discoveries were made and so many opportunities opened up for me. She has taught me how to love and listen to my heart. She is truly an amazing woman who inspires me to become more.
The women in the group were a wonderful addition to the experience because
we all learned so much from each other and created a special bond. If you need
a life coach, look no further. Aubrey is the woman for the job!"


Deborah F. Grand Rapids, MI






"I found it incredibly powerful to spend time with other women who were searching
for their serendipity, too. Through hearing other womens’ journeys I was moved
deeply and found great comfort in fulfilling the challenges Aubrey put before
us to help us grow and push past our fears."

Victoria R. Grand Rapids, MI






"I am so pleased to have found Aubrey and would highly recommend her for anyone
who wants to make significant, lasting changes in their lives. I started with her group coaching and am now doing individual, 1:1 sessions as well. Her groups are well organized and simply packed with growth-producing activities and ideas,
and her individual sessions are highly personalized to take you from who and
where you are to who and where you want to be."


Jennifer G. Grand Rapids, MI






"I became a client of Aubrey’s life coaching group after a major life crisis.
I lost my husband suddenly in a car crash. I found Aubrey by chance,
and can say that with her help and guidance, have turned my life around.
I’m learning who I am, and to invest in myself by learning self-love & compassion, mindfulness, and a multitude of other tools that Aubrey has taught me.
I highly recommend her program whether you are going through a difficult time
or want help in creating life they way that you want."


Debbie H. Grand Rapids, MI

"Aubrey has literally been a God-send to me.  Starting out with my own business after losing my six-figure income job, I was depleted of confidence and self-esteem. When I met her I was just in the idea phase.  She believed in me and really connected with me in a way that boosted my confidence in myself.  I followed Aubrey in her Ignite Your Light group for over a year before I finally felt it was time to hire a Business Coach.  Not only did she help help me find my confidence again, but she affirmed my dream to help women in pain.  She took the time to know my heart and understand what I was trying to accomplish.  I loved how she kept me on task with the goals I had, yet she helped me to maintain a steady approach, in the midst of my chronic pain.  I had achieved so much in just the 12 sessions that I had with Aubrey!!  She is like Magic!  I highly recommend her to anybody trying to find their passionate life or trying to build their business."

Crystal Larson  Delton, MI

"Meeting Aubrey was from the divine. I felt an instant connection when I was searching on “MeetUp” I was feeling stuck. Lost. Lonely. I also wanted a daytime group which is really hard to find. So, I went to her Finding Your Passion group and quickly realized she was what I was needing in a counselor/coach. Like many I tried traditional therapy with not much success. Aubrey’s approach was what I needed. To have a start and ending with goals was the way I roll. She has an intuitiveness and understanding that at times was kind of freaky to be honest. Thanks to Aubrey I am learning that I am worthy of love and respect. I am so thankful for her. Her honesty and her encouragement have been just what I needed."

Lisa O'Neill  Grand Rapids, MI

"I've been meeting with Aubrey for 7 months now.  When I look back to where I was at the beginning to where I am now it's amazing to see the changes.  In our first meeting I told Aubrey,  "I want to do something different, but I have no idea what."

Aubrey was encouraging, patient & knowledgeable.  She helped me to see my strengths and begin to utilize them in a new venture.  

I don't think I would've gotten where I am today without Aubrey's help & guidance.   

I definitely recommend Aubrey as a life coach."

Ann Deal   Grand Rapids, MI

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