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let's claim your freedom


I offer a signature Life Design program designed to help you live  in complete alignment with your heart, empowering you to live your fullest expression in this lifetime.

During this six month program, you will receive:

  • A complimentary introductory session (90 minutes)

  • Welcome gift

  • Twelve 90 minute coaching sessions

  • A Life Design Program, including all materials that will be tailored to meet your unique needs

  • Reflection exercises, worksheets, and meditations

  • Unlimited email, text and phone support between sessions

  • Access to my Unleash Your Heart, my heart-centered sisterhood, for one calendar year ($660 value)

Schedule Your 30 Minute Consultation 

"Aubrey has literally been a God-send to me.  Starting out with my own business after losing my six-figure income job, I was depleted of confidence and self-esteem. When I met her I was just in the idea phase. 


She believed in me and really connected with me in a way that boosted my confidence in myself.  I followed Aubrey in her Ignite Your Light group for over a year before I finally felt it was time to hire a Business Coach.  Not only did she help help me find my confidence again, but she affirmed my dream to help women in pain. 


She took the time to know my heart and understand what I was trying to accomplish.  I loved how she kept me on task with the goals I had, yet she helped me to maintain a steady approach, in the midst of my chronic pain.  I had achieved so much in just the 12 sessions that I had with Aubrey!!  She is like Magic!  I highly recommend her to anybody trying to find their passionate life or trying to build their business."

Crystal Larson  Delton, MI

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